Leo Trotsenko

Leo Trotsenko (Dnipro) is a Ukrainian artist. He graduated from the Faculty of History and Theory of Art at the Lviv National Academy of Arts and completed the course of contemporary art at the Kyiv Academy of Media Arts (KAMA) and Alina Kleitman's video art course at the Viktor Marushchenko School of Photography, He is an alumnus of the PinchukArtCentre curatorial platform. The focus of his artistic practice is the theory and history of music and art, subcultures and microcommunities, Soviet heritage and the city; different stories with uppercase (history) and lowercase (story) letters. He mostly works with such media as sound, performance, video, their intersections, and land art. Co-founder of the Periscope_ua photo initiative. He lives in Kyiv and works wherever he has to. Took part in personal and collective exhibition projects, such as “Kulinychi Museum", Hudprolmoft, Kharkiv (2017), "A very specific scenario", Inter-room space, Lviv (2021), "Don't tell Slava yet", Museum of Contemporary Art in Kherson (2019), "Ah vernisage: return”, 2c1b, Kyiv (2020), “Garden after the Gods”, Jump gallery, Poltava (2021), “APOKALIPSYS”, Diogenes gallery, Lviv (2022), “Working room”, A:D:, Berlin (2022).